Healing Through Sub-Zero Temperatures

No matter where your body is sore, stressed, or injured, the pain can grow or remain stagnant with no end in sight. The result is discomfort and pain for you all around. MojoCryo is proud to provide localized cryotherapy sessions for our clients. A short few minutes with our sub-zero cryotherapy machines can help your body with a multitude of issues, and leave you eager for your next cryotherapy appointment!

Localized Cryotherapy Can Help With:

  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Reducing Swelling
  • Reducing Pain
  • Accelerating Recovery Time
  • Assisting Athletes
  • And More!

What Is Localized Cryotherapy?

Localized cryotherapy is a process in which the participant exposes the area in question (knee, elbow, shoulder, etc.) and gets comfortable. The participant is then required to sit there for several minutes as the cryotherapy machine blasts a freezing solution onto the localized area. This process is relatively short in duration to ensure the safety of the participant as the area receives temperatures that can be twice as cold as dry ice.

Why Localized Cryotherapy?

The purpose of this procedure is to provide benefits to the participant’s physical health, especially in regards to the area causing discomfort or pain. The freezing temperature aims to fight inflammation, reduce swelling and pain, accelerate recovery time for injuries, and assist athletes to get back to the game they love. While there are other options that help with these goals (physical therapy, massages, etc.), the unique process of localized cryotherapy brings the body feelings and sensations that they have never had before. This method will stimulate the body in ways that are unavailable from other, more traditional methods, and our clients have received great success, especially when paired with some of these other recovery efforts.

Localized Cryotherapy With MojoCryo

Localized cryotherapy can produce great benefits to clients, especially those who partake in routine or frequent sessions. With multiple sessions, the recovery time is sped up even further. For the best cryotherapy treatment in Orange County California, be sure to contact us and book your treatment with MojoCryo today!

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