What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive technique that stimulates the body’s own natural physiological and biological reactions and produces natural health benefits. Ice baths have long been one form of cryotherapy and now your able to gain all the incredible benefits by isolating body areas. Isolating specific areas allows for a refreshing, revitalizing and enjoyable therapy.

Cryotherapy exposes an area of the body to sub-zero temperatures, triggering a reaction that increases your metabolic rate, prompting your body to work harder and repair itself. The skin exposure to the extreme temperature also has an anti-inflammatory effect, decreasing pain as well as releasing endorphins. It’s like your body is able to hit a ‘reset’ button!

What Should I expect?

All whole body cryotherapy sessions are conducted by a trained and certified technician who will stay with you throughout your session. Before stepping into the cryo sauna we will provide you with socks, uggs, and gloves; men also wear briefs. This allows for 90% of your skin to be exposed to the hyper cool air. It is fine to leave your hair down and have on face lotion or makeup. We ask that you do not apply moisturizer to your skin an hour before your session and that you remove all jewelry and metal below the neck.

Your first appointment will take 15-20 minutes and subsequent sessions take 5-7 minutes.



Cryotherapy reduces recovery time and muscle soreness by acting as anti-inflammatory and allowing you to train, recover, and perform at the optimal level.


Cryotherapy gives your skin a tighter, more youthful appearance by prompting oxygen-enriched blood to rush into the surface of your skin.

Weight Loss

Exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures boosts your metabolism and increases your energy to promote calorie burn, an active lifestyle, and weight loss.


Whole body cryotherapy provides a natural, therapeutic treatment to improve recovery, performance, health, and well-being by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.